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LONGMAN Botswana

Senior Secondary - Form 5

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Introductory Accounting Book 2 (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780528808096
Principles of Accounts (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582405394
Additional Mathematics
Title Language ISBN

Pure Mathematics 1 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582353862
African History
Title Language ISBN

History of Central Africa (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582602533
A History of Southern Africa (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582603493
Physical Geography In Diagrams for Africa (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582603882
From Iron Age to Independence (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582651111
Title Language ISBN

O-Level Agriculture (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582651036
New Certificate Agriculture (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9781779031143
Title Language ISBN

Longman Exam Practice Kit GCSE Biology-Key Stage 4 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582303812
Longman GCSE Biology (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582504691
Longman Business Studies for IGCSE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9781405802079
Longman Physics For IGCSE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9781405802130
Business Studies
Title Language ISBN

Longman GCSE Business Studies (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582453951
Certificate English Language (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9781405820417
Business Studies - Accounting
Title Language ISBN

Introductory Accounting Book 1 (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582805897
Title Language ISBN

Longman GCSE Chemistry Practice Kit (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582311909
Computer Literacy
Title Language ISBN

Functional Computer Literacy (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9789991293646
Development Studies
Title Language ISBN

Development In Context Book 2 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9789991257990
The O Level Development Studies Revision Notes (Form 5) English  (Revision Notes) 9789991293219
Title Language ISBN

Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582237261
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582237490
Dictionary Of Common Errors (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582237520
Longman Idioms Dictionary (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582305779
Vocabulary for FCE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582451759
Longman Gems The Secret Of The Hills (Form 5) English  (Novel) 9789991273358
Active English (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9789991274249
Active English (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Guide) 9789991274263
English Language
Title Language ISBN

Common Mistakes In English (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582344587
English Literature
Title Language ISBN

Great Expectations (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435126001
Wuthering Heights (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435126087
Macbeth The Players Shakespeare (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435190040
The Play of Goggle Eyes (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435233099
Using Children s Readers in the Classroom (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435890988
I Will Marry When I Want (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435902469
African Short Stories (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435905361
The River Between (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435905484
Growing Up With Poetry (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435920074
Composition Situations Grammar Usage (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435927806
Comprehension Passages for the Revised Sch Cert Eng Exam (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435927820
Twelfth Night New Longman Shakespeare (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582365780
Fashion and Fabrics
Title Language ISBN

Design In The Making Textile Technology (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582344372
Food and Nutrition
Title Language ISBN

Food By Design 2 (Form 5) English  (pupil's Book) 9780123602695
Nuffield Design and Technology (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582234666
Hammond s Cooking Explained 4th Edition (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582305731
Design In The Making Food Technology (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582365902
Title Language ISBN

Weather and Climate In Africa (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582093331
Map Reading For Southern Africa (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582255029
Africa Geography for Advanced Studies (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582646360
Longman The New Reading Tropical Maps (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9789814114755
Botswana Physical Social and Economic Geography (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9789991273655
Guidance and Counselling
Title Language ISBN

Hiv Aids Care Counselling (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 97818698910786
Title Language ISBN

Modern Europe 1870 - 1945 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582084087
The Modern World Since 1870 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582222991
The Twentieth Century World (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582249752
World History In The 20th Century (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582330757
A History of The Twentieth Century (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582331723
The Zulu Aftermath (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9780582645318
History of Southern Africa (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9789991274683
Information Technology
Title Language ISBN

Log on To IT (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582824805
Title Language ISBN

Educating Rita (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582434455
Animal Farm (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582434479
Grammar and Usage For FCE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582451742
Mareledi a sa le pele (Form 5) Setswana  (Novel) 9789991266015
Tholwana (Form 5) Setswana  (Short Stories) 9789991266466
Fa Di Lwa Di Gata Marole (Form 5) Setswana  (Novel) 9789991273228
Title Language ISBN

Additional Mathematics Pure and Applied (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582265110
Motswedi Mathematics Pupil s Book (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780796217929
Mathematics For AQA GCSE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9781902796246
Physical Education
Title Language ISBN

Be Physical Book 1 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582804074
Be Physical Book 2 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582809086
Title Language ISBN

Business Accounting 1 10th Edition (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780273681496
Revise for GCSE Science (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435578909
Chemistry for OCR A Homework book (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582807
Biology for OCR A - Teacher s Resource Pack (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582821
Chemistry for OCR A - Teachers Resource Pack (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582852
Biology for OCR A - Homework Book (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582913
Chemistry for OCR A for Separate Award Science (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582920
Chemistry for OCR A for Double Award Science (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582937
Physics for OCR A for Separate Award (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582944
Physics for OCR A for Double Award (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582951
Biology for OCR A for Separate Award (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582968
Biology for OCR A for Double Award (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435582975
Revise AS Biology for OCR A (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435583002
New Certificate Chemistry (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435644291
Physics by Abbot (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435670146
Physics for IGCSE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435966744
Chemistry for IGCSE (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780435966751
Higher Science for GCSE Book 2 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582776111
Higher Science for GCSE Book 1 (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9780582776128
Biology The Living Science (Form 5) English  (Pupil's Book) 9789812351722
Modern Practice In Education and Science (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9789991201511
Social Studies
Title Language ISBN

Building a Nation (Form 5) English  (Teacher's Reference) 9789991266824
Title Language ISBN

Typewriting Examination Guide (Form 5) English  (Examination Guide) 9789991293691